Could patreon be more than sponsoring work?


Being a millenial is all about modern problems with modern solutions, it is by that same law that many resourceful millennials, the new and upcoming young adults are backing up and they might be into something new, like webcams in cam4, advancing the ways in which we communicate was the first step, maybe even the way we now manipulate image is something that we thrive to perfect each day, we already began and we won’t leave until we are happy with the result.

Which is never cuz as we are known to be “lazy” but we must not underestimate the power of staying put and thinking, we fidget, we are anxious with fair reason we can not stay quiet we can not stay put, I interpret it as more about being disturbed by the mundane and easy, than about being obnoxiously fidget-y, we can not tolerate a simple answer there must be a lot of answers many other people could come up, this instance is a golden rule for our generation, even gold by the means of a currency merely because these ways of thinking have birthed the new billionaires, the young adults who are shaping our society step by step, silently and going unnoticed.

We can not be quiet about the government, we might be all day in our phones, but surely we are the most educated generation that’s ever populated the earth, this has to mean something, we can not betray our own evolution, we feel like we owe all this thinking, all this creativity and hard work to our ancestors who never stopped looking at the sky who never stopped looking at our own psyche, and mind, those people who wondered are barely getting answers they are not possible to see now, but we do.

Technology has been our best and our worst friend, we are still learning about how some things can be for our benefit yet the same things can bring our very own doom, the environment is the one suffering all our experimentation throughout our whole lives, finding new means of living can be such a complex them, we still wander and we very much wonder about what the future expects from us, we are still building something which results are uncertain as of today, many things that were built million years ago.

We must not forget our funny nature, the way our deepest desires say a lot about the things we have now, must wars they say have been fought because of lust, and it is such a complex thing that we can not even understand yet, we are barely beginning to accept any other type of sexual preference, there are even whole countries who have made homosexuality a punishable crime by death, so we are at our most technologically advanced time yet at some things we seem to be still in the stone ages, even regarding such simple theme as equality, society turns divided when aspects of our own nature which might seem abstract or alien to us come to light, old people even seem perplexed and feel like they have the right to be offended by something as simple as sexual preference or even by gender.

It is funny by instance that if we look at Pornhub’s insights just a mere glance can unlock a lot about our own psyche and hidden desires, looking at this study we can conclude that a LOT of people watch porn, there’s even audience in those countries which porn is banned and punished, people can have such conceited opinions about many things regarding some “taboo” themes yet we are sure they are still hiding in the bathroom to watch porn.

The oldest job in the world, or so they have called prostitution many people despise it, some use the service but not a lot of people are developing new technology for this kind of work, enter Patreon, a platform used by many artists, writers and creatives alike looking to make a few extra bucks for themselves, it is simple if you can do something, anything really from entertaining, to drawing, singing or any of the like you can get money from your “fans” or any other people who considers your work worth something.

This same platform has built an entire following of teens and young adults who are looking for ways to compensate the efforts and talent from people trying to dive into the dubious world of digital services, which seem to be an unexplored world yet seem to be thriving online and in some obscure service providers, even in Japan exists girls who might just be eating in front of the camera and someone where will be giving them money to entertain them or just merely by eating, a new boom on how to make a few extra bucks is blooming through snapchat and instagram, influencers, or anyone really can build a huge following of fans who are always looking at what said influencer is doing, they might even be models and webcam girls who have changed from platform to platform to reach for a bigger audience and Patreon is the main bridge for this new age type of job, people can sponsor these girls who are willing to send some nudes, even xxx videos to whoever is paying them through the Patreon platform.

Finding a new type of “prostitution” a service for a need and which has a big demand from people from all over the world, the girls don’t even have many big risks as if they were standing waiting for a client, they can be in the comfort of their own room, many times, dorm rooms girls who are in college but need some kind of side work for their own needs, so it is a brand new way for people to profit from their own bodies, a very complex, taboo theme which we are sure is gonna rise a lot of discussion about it.