The Story of Nadia Murad Basee : Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2018

Nadia Murad Basee was born to a farming family in Kocho village of Sinjara district in Iraq. She and her family belong to the Yazidi ethnic who practice Yazidi religion. Sinjar district in northern Iraq is home to the Yazidi people for many centuries. Nadia Murad is an advocate for survivors of genocide and sexual violence following an attack on her home village in Sinjar by the ISIS. She is the chairperson cum president of Nadia’s Initiative and a Good Will Ambassador. Her story of courage and endurance as a sex slave brought her to light where she continues to advocate for victims of genocide and sexual violence.

Yazidi Survivor Nadia Murad

Nadia’s capture into slaver

For a long time, the minority Yazidi have faced religious discrimination and attacks from other groups. In 2014, the Islamic State invaded and captured the Yazidi villages in Sinjar district for human trafficking and ethnic cleansing. Among the captured communities was Murad’s home village of Kocho. During the invasion the IS militants killed men and separated children from their families. Young women and girls were abducted into sex slavery. Nadia was among the kidnapped women. All those who refused convert to Islam including Murad’s mother and six of his brothers were killed. Murad was forced to watch the killing of her mother. Approximately more than five thousand Yazidi people died, and the United Nations labelled the attack a genocide.After the abduction, Murad and other women were forcefully taken to Mosul. Murad was held captive for about three months and forced to convert to Islam. During this time she was bought and sold several times as sex slave xnxx.

Nadia’s Escape

Nadia attempted to flee the camp, but one of the guards caught her. The militants would consider a captured woman a spoil of war if she was caught escaping. The militants would punish the woman through what they termed “sexual jihad” where they put the woman in a cell, and the men in the compound would rape her. Murad went through this ordeal, and she decided not to think of escaping again.However, one day she noticed an unlocked door and fled the compound. Nadia found her way to the house of Muslim family who had no connection to the IS. The family kept her safe and smuggled her out of the territory controlled by the ISIL intoIraqi Kurdistan where she settled in refugee camps with other Yazidi refugees.

Nadia Opens up about her plight and starts activism

Nadia Murad Basee
Nadia Murad Basee : Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2018

Nadia first told her story in 2015 during an interview with Belgian Daily Newspaper. The same year she was among a thousand women who benefited from a refugee program that relocated them to Germany. On December 16 of the same year, Murad was invited to speak to UN Security Council concerning human trafficking.Her testimony highlighted the suffering of the minority Yazidi community and the ISIL’s use of sexual violence as a weapon during war. Nadia Murad continues to campaign for the women and girls still held captive by the IS.

Nadia’s Awards

In 2016, the Council of Europe awarded the Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize to Murad. The same year the European Parliament awarded her the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. In September, she founded the Murad Initiative to advocate and assist the victims of genocide. The same, she was appointed as the first Good Will Ambassador. In May2017, she met Pope Francis along with Archbishop Gallagher in Vatican where she asked for help for the Yazidis under the capture of the ISIS. She also highlighted the plight of minority religious communities in Iraq and Syria with focus on the victims, the internally displaced, and the immigrants. In 2018, she received a joint award with Denis Mukwege for the Nobel Peace prize to recognise their efforts in the fight against the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict.

FILE PHOTO: Nadia Murad Basee, a 21-year-old Iraqi woman of the Yazidi faith, speaks to members of the Security Council during a meeting at the United Nations headquarters in New York, December 16, 2015. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz/File Photo

Volunteering Can Help Boost You Career: here’s how

We know the obvious advantages of volunteering to your preferred charity. It gives you a sense of satisfaction, helps you network, and gives you new life perspectives. What you may not be aware of is that in the course of helping others, you also get to help yourself. Read on for the details:

You develop new skills

Volunteer work is a fun and positive way of getting training in areas that previous jobs did not provide. Some of the soft skills you acquire while helping out give you additional experience for promotions. For instance, you may learn how to be a team leader, project management, and sales skills porno.

It helps establish career goals

Are you unsure of which area you wish to pursue? If yes, worry not, because volunteering has got you covered. Donating your time to charity courses gives you hands-on experience. For instance, helping out at refugee camps gives you the chance to see how doctors treat patients, and you can establish if it is something you would like to do. It is also an ideal way of knowing which situations bring out the best inner you. For instance, do you thrive in teams or as an individual?

It boosts your confidence

The more you work with people, the higher your courage. Volunteering, especially at an early age, exposes you to different situations. When you get into an interview room, and difficult questions are thrown at you, it is easier to answer them because you have a taste of the ‘real world.’ That’s something that many interviewees lack.

You get to expand your networks

Networking doesn’t have to be at formal networking events or on LinkedIn. Also, the best networking shouldn’t seem forced or uncomfortable. Volunteering is a fantastic way of meeting with like-minded individuals. It also helps to create long-lasting connections. Most volunteers are friendly, which means that you get to have genuinely engaging conversations with amazing individuals.

It fills employment gaps

Whenever there is an employment gap in a person’s career, the employers will want to know how comes you weren’t working all that time. It might get pretty uncomfortable, especially when you are forced to get into the details of your personal life to save a job. So, if you are taking a break to bring up your baby or for any other reason, consider volunteering. That way, you can work on a flexible schedule and won’t have an employment gap.

It helps you to re-discover yourself

Knowing your values, interests, accomplishments, and skills is the foundation of everybody. If you have an opportunity to learn more about yourself while helping another person, you should run for it. Working in a new environment challenges you to do more. It is also a great way of learning how other people view your skills.

Volunteering is a win-win situation. When you help others, you boost your career and well-being. Eventually, you are the biggest winner because you do what you love, and it grows you.

5 Ways We Can Make a Difference in Our Societies

The society is us, and not a celestial being out there. It’s a common myth to think that the only way to make a change is to become ‘someone important.’ Considering the evils that roam in society like poverty, crime, and illiteracy, it is easy to see why people assume that they should hold a leadership position to make the necessary difference. However, the changes you make in a small way contribute to the big picture. Here is how an ordinary person can make a difference in the world.

1. Believe in something bigger than yourself

Making a difference in the world starts with the simple belief that you can work on something that doesn’t benefit you alone. If your sole purpose is to serve yourself, the meaning you get from that goal will not fuel the actions that can make a tangible impact.


2. Identify issues that are important to you

To make a positive influence in the world, you should first identify the things that are close to your heart. Never attempt to take on all the world problems at a go because you may have a difficult time holding up. Make a list of the issues you are passionate about and journal about the personal connection you have towards the matters. Whenever you feel discouraged midway, you can refer to the journal, and it will give you strength.

3. Volunteer

Volunteering goes beyond helping your parents at home. Several people out the door would be happy if you could lend them a helping hand. For instance, if you love caring for kids, consider volunteering at a children’s home once in a month or more. You can also help tutor juniors in lower grades. When you see the kids getting better grades, you will realize that it was all worthwhile. Volunteering is fulfilling because you experience the results right away.


4. Maintain a positive attitude

Apart from your passion for helping out, you should also work on cultivating a positive attitude. Some days you will feel like you aren’t making progress, and this feeling can be frustrating. Other times you will experience severe setbacks as you pursue the cause of choice. The world is a mean place, but you shouldn’t allow the negative energy to set you back. Anything close to, “I cannot change anything” or “I am alone in this” will be the reason for your downfall in sex videos. Eventually, you will overcome these barriers.


5. Speak up

Never shy away from talking about the things you are passionate about. Understand that your voice can make a significant impact on those who cannot speak up. Be a self-appointed crusader and make an effort for the less fortunate. Talking to your neighbours, friends, or workmates can stir a meaningful conversation.


Finally …be the change you want to see!
Just like the adage goes that actions speak louder than words, your efforts should convey the message you want them to. The world doesn’t need any more spectators, so, don’t be one. Decide to act.

New cafe aims to Alter Resides in South Shields

A fresh cafe that has started in South Tyneside intends to greatly alter the lives of individuals with disabilities and learning disabilities.

Located on Ocean Road, South Shields, Sea-change will Be a café and community place with a gap – providing grade food locally-sourced, real life training and employment opportunities, and a huge array of social tasks.

These Includes autism friendly societal occasions, live music, dinner clubs, infant socials and exhibitions,

The café, that opened a week, can be a partnership together with specialist education provider, AutismAble.

It provides people with real life job expertise and Employment opportunities at which they are able to learn and develop life and work skills in a secure and inviting atmosphere.

AutismAble manager, Sarah Farrell states that the brand new restaurant could”give a exceptional experience”.

She Said:”that is actually fantastic job to participate with. Since September 20 17, we’ve trialed a weekly supper in our community base at the Custom Space at South Shields.

“Our students prepare their particular menu and also prepare and serve food to people every Friday morning.

“They have also developed abilities like meals Prep, cooking, storage, team work of xxx, customer comprehension, time management, numeracy, stock shooting and also the potential to work on deadlines.

“Introduction a café is your Upcoming logical step, and we have a Large waiting set of students and volunteers needing to join up ”

She Added:”The local and community companies are already onboard and we’re convinced that, together with that which we now have intended, that sea-change will offer a special distance and experience at South Shields.”

Sea Change is actually a Public Interest Company (CIC) tied to shares. Most its activities will probably be liable to a board. The board is composed of members of people, local people, an accountant, educators, parents and individuals who have Autism.

Chair of AutismAble, Phil Grice:”AutismAble is currently Recognised within and outside South Tyneside like a high excellent provider of Autistic pro service.

“I am aware this partnership is likely to soon be profitable, establishing and developing a very high excellent group of staff.

“We will be advancing and improving our Present assumptions and researching Chances for extra accommodation to satisfy the requirements for all of us to Simply take extra pupils”

Could patreon be more than sponsoring work?


Being a millenial is all about modern problems with modern solutions, it is by that same law that many resourceful millennials, the new and upcoming young adults are backing up and they might be into something new, like webcams in cam4, advancing the ways in which we communicate was the first step, maybe even the way we now manipulate image is something that we thrive to perfect each day, we already began and we won’t leave until we are happy with the result.

Which is never cuz as we are known to be “lazy” but we must not underestimate the power of staying put and thinking, we fidget, we are anxious with fair reason we can not stay quiet we can not stay put, I interpret it as more about being disturbed by the mundane and easy, than about being obnoxiously fidget-y, we can not tolerate a simple answer there must be a lot of answers many other people could come up, this instance is a golden rule for our generation, even gold by the means of a currency merely because these ways of thinking have birthed the new billionaires, the young adults who are shaping our society step by step, silently and going unnoticed.

We can not be quiet about the government, we might be all day in our phones, but surely we are the most educated generation that’s ever populated the earth, this has to mean something, we can not betray our own evolution, we feel like we owe all this thinking, all this creativity and hard work to our ancestors who never stopped looking at the sky who never stopped looking at our own psyche, and mind, those people who wondered are barely getting answers they are not possible to see now, but we do.

Technology has been our best and our worst friend, we are still learning about how some things can be for our benefit yet the same things can bring our very own doom, the environment is the one suffering all our experimentation throughout our whole lives, finding new means of living can be such a complex them, we still wander and we very much wonder about what the future expects from us, we are still building something which results are uncertain as of today, many things that were built million years ago.

We must not forget our funny nature, the way our deepest desires say a lot about the things we have now, must wars they say have been fought because of lust, and it is such a complex thing that we can not even understand yet, we are barely beginning to accept any other type of sexual preference, there are even whole countries who have made homosexuality a punishable crime by death, so we are at our most technologically advanced time yet at some things we seem to be still in the stone ages, even regarding such simple theme as equality, society turns divided when aspects of our own nature which might seem abstract or alien to us come to light, old people even seem perplexed and feel like they have the right to be offended by something as simple as sexual preference or even by gender.

It is funny by instance that if we look at Pornhub’s insights just a mere glance can unlock a lot about our own psyche and hidden desires, looking at this study we can conclude that a LOT of people watch porn, there’s even audience in those countries which porn is banned and punished, people can have such conceited opinions about many things regarding some “taboo” themes yet we are sure they are still hiding in the bathroom to watch porn.

The oldest job in the world, or so they have called prostitution many people despise it, some use the service but not a lot of people are developing new technology for this kind of work, enter Patreon, a platform used by many artists, writers and creatives alike looking to make a few extra bucks for themselves, it is simple if you can do something, anything really from entertaining, to drawing, singing or any of the like you can get money from your “fans” or any other people who considers your work worth something.

This same platform has built an entire following of teens and young adults who are looking for ways to compensate the efforts and talent from people trying to dive into the dubious world of digital services, which seem to be an unexplored world yet seem to be thriving online and in some obscure service providers, even in Japan exists girls who might just be eating in front of the camera and someone where will be giving them money to entertain them or just merely by eating, a new boom on how to make a few extra bucks is blooming through snapchat and instagram, influencers, or anyone really can build a huge following of fans who are always looking at what said influencer is doing, they might even be models and webcam girls who have changed from platform to platform to reach for a bigger audience and Patreon is the main bridge for this new age type of job, people can sponsor these girls who are willing to send some nudes, even xxx videos to whoever is paying them through the Patreon platform.

Finding a new type of “prostitution” a service for a need and which has a big demand from people from all over the world, the girls don’t even have many big risks as if they were standing waiting for a client, they can be in the comfort of their own room, many times, dorm rooms girls who are in college but need some kind of side work for their own needs, so it is a brand new way for people to profit from their own bodies, a very complex, taboo theme which we are sure is gonna rise a lot of discussion about it.

My story by Margot Martin (Part 2)

NavCom’s view of justice has nothing to do with what is right or wrong, but with the continued quest of the dollar.

Still, I waited another week to see if Frank Scalfaro would talk to Elizabeth or Skip Christ. When nothing happened and I could see that Frank’s treatment toward me had changed……. I was no longer the team player he wanted me to be and he considered me a problem for even bringing up the situation. He began not returning my phone calls for days (on regular business related issues) and would act in a manner that I could only describe as odd. I knew that Snyder was his personal friend, but I also thought that he would do something to protect his employees from being subjected to this kind of hostile environment. I began to realize that a company could have all the policies in the world and notices on bulletin boards that you don’t allow or tolerate sexual harassment. But if the support of these policies and statements does not come from senior management they are not worth the paper they are written on. It seemed that the owners of the company were just going through the motions of appearing not to tolerate this type of behavior, but in reality, if the abuser were “one of them” they would protect him. And as I thought about it, I never remembered seeing any of the owners (except, the Vice President of Engineering) ever attend any of the sexual harassment classes that were put on by the Human Resources Department.

Frank Scalfaro had been my hero. I realize that there should always be a line between an employer and his or her employees, but I believed in Frank. I believed he was a good man, he probably made a more positive impact on my life than any other man I had ever known. I believed that he felt a kindred spirit or connection with me. When I had my stroke, Elizabeth called two people, my daughter and Frank Scalfaro and they both came rushing to the hospital. Due to our past relationship, his actions were especially hurtful. I came to realize that he would or could not put his job and financial security on the line to back me up, as Skip Christ, held on to the purse strings of his life. In the world of NavCom, you do not go against Clifford C. (Skip) Christ and survive.

I was totally disillusioned by Frank’s reaction and/or total lack of any action. I realized that nothing was going to be done about Snyder. Elizabeth and I talked it over and decided that maybe she should seek legal advice. It had become a no-win situation. If she couldn’t come forward to the company, out of total fear of Snyder’s reaction and his threats, and if either of us were ever called upon as a witness by Donna Mojahedi, she and I would both be blamed for not coming forward sooner. So, I had to make a decision, I could not protect both the company and Elizabeth and I chose to follow the instructions of what I had been trained, as a management level employee to do no matter what the consequences.

I still believed that once Skip Christ knew all the facts, he would come to the same conclusion that I had. He would punish the abuser and realize that Snyder was a real problem. This was not happening. We discussed it and decided that since neither of us were attorneys, she should seek the advice of one. I could no longer “sit on the fence” trying to both protect the company and protect my employee. It wasn’t going to work, as the company was not responding.

Seeing an attorney was only done to protect us from immediate retaliation. I had witnessed retaliation against a former employee named Ronald Gottesman. Mr. Gottesman was a senior engineer on the IFF Program (Snyder’s program) and had reported that the company was not following the proper product testing requirements per the government specifications. He was out of the building and out of a job within 72 hours.

The NavCom and Skip Christ accusation that I was after money and thus, an extortionist, is ridiculous. I had witnessed in past years what happened to employees who sued the company. Names that come to mind are Mike Franco and Joe Vandenburg. These two men went through hell and back. Suing NavCom (if you knew NavCom like I did) would never be a self-enriching plan of action.

My biggest mistake was believing in the people that I worked for. Even though the history of the company had been to “shoot the messenger” on some occasions (mostly business issues, in which an employee had questioned their ethics or their dealings with the government as a defense contractor), I still believed that I had the credibility, with my peers and with senior management, I thought that if I came forward, I would be not only backed up, but something would be done to correct the situation. I was wrong. My naiveté was my downfall. I really didn’t understand, that profit is the only driver at NavCom. If Bill Snyder was bringing money and contracts into the company, he would be protected at all costs. It was either that or he knew too much about additional other questionable business practices. Protecting him might have been their only choice, so that he wouldn’t turn on them. I believed in Clifford C. (Skip) Christ. I believed that he would be as outraged at Snyder’s behavior as I was. I certainly mis-judged the situation.

The scary part is that NavCom is relatively a small company, but Skip Christ can have far reaching consequences due to his lack of corporate responsibility. Mr. Christ sits on the board of directors of a much larger company. He sits on the board of a company in Vienna, VA. called Allied Research Corporation. In this position, he is part of an entity that makes decisions that cover thousands of employees. With his mindset and attitude, he has the ability to affect decisions that will impact the lives of many.

Elizabeth selected an attorney and met with him on February 14, 1996. The attorney sent a FAX to NavCom on February 21, 1996 stating that he represented Elizabeth and wanted to communicate with the company regarding an employment issue.

On the afternoon of February 21, 1996, I was called to Frank Scalfaro’s office. After he “beat around the bush” on other topics he asked “remember the day that you came to me about the Snyder and Elizabeth situation…… did you expect me to do anything official with the information?” I felt that he was covering his rear. I told him that since I didn’t know what to do, I came to him and expected him to help me with the problem. Since he was now in charge of H/R I expected him to resolve the issue by going to Skip Christ with the problem and to start an independent investigation. Mr. Scalfaro told me that he had to report back to Skip on our conversation and that he would get back to me. I expressed our fear of Snyder and Frank told me that he would tell Snyder to stay away from us and for our safety, we should leave for the day. Frank Scalfaro called me at home that night and said that Skip was going to take over the investigation and make all the decisions. He said that Skip Christ would talk to me in the next day or so. Elizabeth was too upset to go to work the next day and when she returned on Friday, her desk had been ransacked.

On Friday, February 23, 1996, at 12:15 p.m., Marlene Waller, Skip Christ’s Secretary called me and said that he wanted to see me in the Boardroom. In the Boardroom were Skip and Ken Youmans (company external legal counsel from Seyfarth. This was before the law firm of McKenna, Long and Aldridge (formerly McKenna and Cuneo) came on the scene in this situation). They said that they wanted to know what I knew about the situation between Mr. Snyder and Elizabeth. I asked, “what kind of a meeting is this, do I need an attorney?” Ken Youmans stated that he was the company attorney and since I worked for the company, he was there for me. I asked that my boss, Frank Scalfaro be present and I was told by Mr. Christ that he was unavailable. Mr. Christ stated that this was an information gathering meeting, so that the company could do an investigation. I then stated that I was very concerned as Elizabeth’s desk had been ransacked and that we were both scared of Snyder, as we knew that he had a key to our area, and since he has an owner’s key to the front door, he does not have to check in and out with the guards during or after work hours. They told me to report this to the Security Department and they would do an investigation. The only reason that I could think of as to why our office area was ransacked was if Mr. Snyder was trying to find the handkerchiefs that he had used to masturbate into.

Ken Youmans and Mr. Christ asked me to tell them what I knew about Snyder. I said that I had known him for ten years…… where did they want me to start? They said at the beginning. I said that in my opinion, Bill Snyder was an astute businessman with questionable ethics, and a social buffoon. I stated that he had always done and said inappropriate things, but in the last year he seemed to go over the edge. They asked for examples of then and now. I told them that in the past years, Mr. Snyder was a bully and that employees just tried to stay out of his way……. because the rumors were that he had been reported many times to the Human Resources Department and to Mr. Christ for his behavior, and nothing was ever done to stop his actions. I had heard that Margaret Huebner, the VP of HR had personally gone to Mr. Christ over the years to complain and to share what employees had shared with her and that nothing was ever done to stop him or even discipline him for his behavior.

I understand that four or five years ago, an employee named Ken Wagner, during his exit interview, had shared with Margaret Huebner that management should do something about Bill Snyder, as he was out of control and sexually harassing women and that he (Wagner) was concerned. I understand that Margaret Huebner went to Mr. Christ and reported Snyder’s alleged behavior and that nothing was ever done to stop him. Margaret did everything she could to stop Snyder’s behavior. But, if she reported to the only decision maker and he refused to act, her hands were tied.

Christ and Ken Youmans asked me for personal examples of his behavior and this is what I shared……..…….. A few years ago as I was going down the carpeted stairs, from the Contracts Department area to the area near the Lobby, and Mr. Snyder was coming up the stairs and he dropped to the floor on his knees to look up my dress. I told him “that is a good way to lose your teeth if I kick you in the face” and he just laughed. He was always making inappropriate comments and telling filthy jokes. I stayed away from him as much as I could. He had a “power mentality.” One time I was in the office of Vicki Bertrand (now Vicki Wagner, who has left the company and lives in Oregon) and I heard a loud bump against the wall. Vicki got up and ran to Snyder’s office. When she got back, I asked “What was that all about?” and she stated that when Bill wanted her attention or wanted to see her, he would not call her on the phone, but he would bounce a rubber ball against the wall and she was to run to find out what he wanted. I found this degrading, so I never had anything more to do with him other than when I had to.

That was the past. I stated that lately he had really gone out of control. I gave examples of what I had seen regarding Elizabeth and what she had told me regarding his behavior… and of what I had witnessed. In 1995 (I don’t know the exact date, as I never thought that I would be in this position and asked to relay this information)…… I was leaving my office area as Mr. Snyder was coming through the door. As I turned around to tell Elizabeth where I was going, Mr. Snyder grabbed me and started humping my back and then laughed. I told him to knock it off, and that was harassment and he should be reported. He laughed and said go ahead, but if you are smart, you don’t report it, you grade it…… meaning a,b,c,d, etc. I was embarrassed and flustered, so I just got out of his way. Also in 1995, I was coming back from the ladies room through the back door to our office area. He couldn’t see me coming, as we had partitions lining the area until I was upon Elizabeth’s filing area. He was leaning over her (his front to her back), she was red in the face and I saw her pushing him away from her. He looked up and saw me and laughed and said “I was just trying to drive your buddy into next week”…… He had unzipped his pants and had pulled his shirttail through the fly in his pants, to make it look like a penis. He zipped his pants and laughed like a hyena….. I told him that he wasn’t funny and to leave her alone (Elizabeth) and to get out of here…… the phone rang and it was Marlene Waller, transferring a call to him. He took the call and yelled into the phone, “No, God Damn it, don’t bother me with such shit!” He slammed the phone down and said…… “I thought the call was something important, it was only my wife”…… and then he left our office area. Elizabeth was very upset, shaking and distraught. She asked me “how can this company employ such a man?” My only response was “I don’t know”, he has been doing this for years and Skip has been told about him and never does anything. I don’t know what to do…… as reporting him doesn’t do any good…… just try and keep away from him. The people that have reported him in the past, aren’t here anymore, some quit and some were laid off…… and again I was afraid of what he would do to our careers, if I reported him (this was in 1995).

Back to the meeting. Skip Christ and Ken Youmans then asked me how Elizabeth fit into the picture. I stated that we worked for him on special company projects and he decided he wanted to come into the 20th Century in regard to computers. He bought a computer system and Frank Scalfaro had asked Elizabeth to help him set it up. Elizabeth installed his software and showed him how to use the computer. He wanted to get on America-On-Line and she showed him. He wanted to visit the Chat Groups and she showed him how. He would come into our department and tell jokes and talk about his adventures on-line. He wanted to know how to send and receive pictures on-line. He wanted her to send him some “Hot Pics” and as a joke she sent him the picture of the fully clothed ladies. Snyder called Elizabeth and told her “You don’t know who the fuck you are dealing with and I will get you, that is not the kind of picture I wanted.” Elizabeth was stunned, scared and shocked at his behavior….. and that is when I told her to try to ignore him because you “you don’t get on the bad side of Snyder, in this company and survive”. This pattern of harassment has been going on for many years, and management refuses to do anything to stop him. At this time, I was dealing with my health issues and since nothing was ever done to stop him, I didn’t know what to do.

Ken Youmans asked me what I thought. I told him that I thought that Snyder should be fired, and that I was surprised that he wasn’t disciplined or any corrective action taken after the Donna Mojahedi sexual harassment incident. I told both Skip Christ and Ken Youmans, that the company sends out literature, policies and training regarding sexual harassment, but the message from senior management is not the same. Blatant harassment is allowed at NavCom. I said that it looks like the “good old boy” system was at play. That they were positioning their wagon trains around Snyder and trying to shoot the messenger. Skip Christ was not happy with my comments.

Ken Youmans asked me what I thought Elizabeth expected to accomplish in her action and I said, I don’t know….. but I assumed from what she has shared with me, that she wanted Snyder fired and no repercussions or retaliation for reporting the harassment. And I stated that I felt the company should help her with her counseling or therapy costs. Then the whole thing would be over. Elizabeth has no desire to file a lawsuit and is not after money. She just wants him stopped.

I told them that my entire career has been spent protecting the company but that they can’t expect me to go against my belief, that in this instance, the company is wrong. Skip Christ was not happy with my answer, I could see it on his face. I believe that the dye was cast that day. My career was over. No one had ever disagreed with Skip Christ and survived. Ken Youmans asked a couple of times, if I thought if there was any way this could be settled without firing Snyder, and I asked why would a company want to employ such a man? The EEOC has recently criticized company attorneys for doing exactly what I believe Mr. Youmans did in this meeting. He stated to me that this was a meeting so an investigation could be done and that he was there for me as the company attorney. This certainly was NOT the case.

It was a very difficult weekend, I fully realized how ugly this thing could become. On Monday morning (February 26, 1996), I was called to Frank Scalfaro’s office. He began by saying “I know this is difficult, but as an officer of the company (no one had ever addressed me as an officer of the company and I thought this odd,….. I have an obligation.” He didn’t say what obligation…. He mumbled about how much I knew about the company, etc. He wanted to know if I wanted to talk to Ken Youmans privately. I stated….. what good would that do? Anything I said would be reported back to Skip. I disagree with the company…. and that I got the feeling from the meeting with Skip Christ and Youmans that it was going to be “shoot” Margot Martin and Elizabeth time. I counter-offered with a proposal, which was ignored. Why not bring in someone from the outside, a true independent. Someone that was obligated to no one but the quest of the truth? To achieve true independence, I would personally pay half their salary and the company would pay the other half. Then we would have true independence. And both (the company and I) would agree to abide by their recommendations. I proposed this to Frank Scalfaro and I never heard another word about it. Whether he offered this to Skip Christ, I will never know.

I “outed” myself as a lesbian”….. telling him that total honesty was necessary. I had to make a firm stand because the company cannot have a Compliance Department that could be blackmailed….. And that was just what Snyder had tried to do.

I really don’t know what Frank Scalfaro thought about my admissions regarding my sexual orientation. It was something that had not been publicly stated at work. I have been “out” for many years to my family and friends, but not at work, due to the homophobic attitude at NavCom. Elizabeth and I had been entertained in Frank’s home and taken out to dinner, by Frank and his wife. Frank and I go back a long way and I honestly cared for him. And I honestly believed he cared for Elizabeth and I. He called us his “stars” and he planned many of the future company personnel plans around our talents. It was a very emotional and traumatic meeting. I told him I wanted to do anything to protect his personal life, but I believe the company is wrong, and even though I care deeply for him… I can’t fall on my sword for two people at the same time, when they have opposing views…. and that no matter how difficult it is…for me personally,….. that sometimes in your life you have to stand up and be counted and this appears to be the time for me. He was in a panic and wanted to know how anything in his personal life would have anything to do with this situation. I stated that as a part of Snyder’s intimidation and blackmail of Elizabeth for being a lesbian, was the mention of Frank’s relationship with Barbara and Skip’s relationship with Jennifer, and if this thing becomes public, it might become common knowledge. He was very upset and said that something must be done about Snyder. He agreed that Snyder should be fired, and this issue must be settled quickly……. I stated that Elizabeth’s actions were nothing about suing the company, nor was she after money…… she simply wanted the company to do the right thing and get rid of Snyder, so that women in the building would be safe. The meeting ended on a friendly note (he hugged me and stated that he respected me for my courage in trying to right this wrong) and Frank said that he was going to speak to Skip Christ, because something must be done about Snyder.

I can only speculate what happened when Frank talked to Skip Christ. I believe that he was told that nothing was going to happen to Snyder, and that if he was going to be on Skip’s team, he must be against Elizabeth and I.

The change in Frank Scalfaro’s behavior was astounding to me. All of the special assignments that were planned for our department disappeared. He did not return my phone calls. He never spoke to me again about anything unless he had to. The only time I saw him was when he would call a staff meeting with his four direct reporting employees. And he couldn’t leave me out of these meetings. If I saw him in the halls of the building, he would go the other direction. Even these meetings stopped and I believe that he would meet with his other staff members individually, when he had to talk to them, in order not to have to talk to me.

I realized that in a situation like this, you can be an important asset to the company, but as soon as you disagree with Skip Christ you instantly become a liability. What happened to those years of commitment and dedication? I went from a “star to a slug” within minutes.

Skip Christ called me to the Boardroom again on July 09, 1996. Frank Scalfaro was in attendance at this meeting. I was told that there was an imminent pending legal action against me by Bill Snyder for falsely accusing him of misconduct. I stated fine…… he can go ahead and sue me, and hopefully, that finally the truth will come out….. I welcome it!!!!!……. After the meeting I went to my office and wrote Mr. Christ a memo (my memo and his answer back will be attached to this journal) stating that I believe that I was acting in the scope of my employment by reporting Mr. Snyder, and that I expected the company to be responsible for any attorney fees that I would incur. This was the last time I heard anything about being sued before I was terminated. I believe that this was a veiled attempt to try to scare me and blackmail me to get me to talk Elizabeth into stopping any legal action. I am also convinced that Mr. Christ’s plan in terminating my employment was a plan to take away the majority part of our household income, to penalize me for coming forward, and to break us financially, in order to make Elizabeth give up of any possible actions.

On September 19, 1996, Christ called me to the Boardroom and terminated my employment. The company called it a layoff. I disagree. I believe that I was fired, as an act of retaliation for standing up and saying, Snyder’s behavior must stop. Prior actions and words show that I never was on a lay off list. My termination papers show that I made the statement that I was being retaliated and I also refused to sign any papers. These papers will be posted on the web site.

Prior to my report of workplace sexual harassment, I was told that I would not be included in any planned RIF’s (Lay Offs) that were planned for 1996 and 1997. As in the case of many defense contractors, downsizing has become a way of life, but due to my vast experience, I was not scheduled for layoff. Some of my responsibilities were to change, and I was scheduled to take over increased job duties, to help fill the void of planned workforce reductions in the Finance Department. I believe that I was rolled into a layoff as retaliation for reporting the harassment and for stating that if the two sexual harassment cases ever reached a courtroom, I would not testify for the company, but for the women.

I believe that documents will prove that I was not scheduled for any future reduction in workforce (RIF’s). There is department budget data and head count analysis still at NavCom (unless it has been destroyed), that can prove these statements.

Until my illness, Elizabeth and I were scheduled to attend the ComDex computer show in Las Vegas. This is the largest show in the world, where new computer hardware and software is presented. Our reservations had been made and paid for by the company. No other company employees were being sent, and our boss wished us to attend so we could advise him and help him meet his computer related projects and activities in the future. This computer show was in November 1995. Due to my unexpected illness, the reservations had to be cancelled. I asked them if he wanted to send anyone else in our place and he stated no…..we were the only ones that had the abilities to implement his plans for the future. So I ask this question. If you were planning to lay off an employee in 1996, why would you spend the time and money to send them to an activity that would only bare fruit in future years?

After my termination, Mr. Christ moved Elizabeth into the MIS (computer) Department, which put her in a position, to constantly run into Mr. Snyder, during her regular workday activities. Then Mr. Ken Russo (VP and in charge of MIS), with Mr. Christ’s concurrence, wanted to move her into the Purchasing Department, which would have put her in direct contact with Mr. Snyder and within close proximity to his office. At this point, her therapist put her on a medical stress leave in October 1996. NavCom may terminate an employee after a year of medical leave. Her employment was terminated in October 1997.

In summary, I believe the following information will help bring what I believe are the salient points into focus:

· NavCom supports and fosters an abusive, intimidating, hostile and offensive work environment. This pattern and practice has existed for many years, and has gone unchecked by management. Management has been aware of the situation and has taken no action.
· NavCom’s internal dispute resolution does not work. The company retaliated against me for doing my job under the Title VII provisions of the Civil Rights Act. After reporting the harassment, the ensuring internal investigation was biased. A report regarding any investigation was not provided to me nor was any information or data forthcoming regarding any resolution, final determinations or discipline of Mr. Snyder. The internal dispute resolution process did not work for Donna Mojahedi or for Elizabeth.

· The alleged perpetrator, still has his job and has never been disciplined, While the two victims (Donna Mojahedi and Elizabeth) were on leaves and under the care of therapists. I was fired for reporting this injustice.

· NavCom’s policies and training regarding sexual harassment are a joke. Top Management says all the right words, provides training and publishes procedures, but support of these policies does not come from top management. They say one thing and do another…… especially if the alleged perpetrator is a member of the senior management team and has an ownership interest in the company. An example of their two-faced approach to management. After Donna Mojahedi went out on a leave, he was telling her through the H/R Department that the company would find another place for her to work in the building. To others, Skip Christ was saying that he never wanted to see her in the building again!

I believe that NavCom acted with malice and retaliated against me and did irreparable damage to my career. NavCom took away my livelihood, my disability, health and life insurance and my future retirement credits for doing what I believe is protected conduct under the Title VII provisions of the Civil Rights Act and California Labor Law provisions.

I believe that NavCom Defense Electronics, has a pattern and practice of workplace discrimination, if you report someone that they want to protect. I believe that Mr. Christ considers Bill Snyder a “rainmaker”. The contract awards that they are currently chasing are in Snyder’s program arena.

I plan to take this action as far as is allowed under existing laws and regulations, up to and including public disclosure, if necessary. I believe that the condoned behavior goes beyond what any reasonable person would find acceptable in the workplace.

NavCom Defense Electronics is a defense contractor. I firmly believe that a business that condones such outrageous behavior should not be receiving contracts from the U.S. Government. NavCom is currently pursuing a large contract for IFF Test Sets with the Redstone Arsenal Army Base. Since the Army has received such negative publicity regarding their recent issues in dealing with sexual harassment, this complaint could save them further embarrassment, as they could be criticized, if they should award a contract to a company that condones such behavior.

Past The Basics – The Legal Process

Update – December 01, 1997 – written by Margot Martin

I will try to recap what has happened since most of the material was written.
I do not know the current status of the Donna Mojahedi case. She was scheduled to go to trial on December 03, 1997 and since I have not received a summons to appear as a witness, either the trial has been moved out or she has settled with NavCom. Attorneys in the respective cases have advised that the separate parties should not discuss their individual cases with one another, as the company would probably accuse us of collusion or conspiracy.

Status of Elizabeth’s case

She is scheduled to go to trial on February 23, 1998. They are still in the deposition and discovery process. I can share what I know, but I’m not present during her depositions nor do I read her deposition hard copy. It would be inappropriate, since I will be a future witness and my deposition in her case is yet competed. Her attorney has never talked to me about her case, as I will be a witness. I respect and admire his conduct.

Of course is a very difficult situation as we live together and are a couple. There are certain things that she can share with me regarding the process, for example, her feelings regarding the process and how she mentally and physically is holding up during the process and her perception of the egregious acts by NavCom.

If I weren’t living this nightmare, I wouldn’t believe it. What has gone on makes the recent Marv Albert story read like Peter Pan.

NavCom has had her in the deposition mode(and a camera on her) for 20 days and over 120 hours. This is unheard of. They have taken her therapy records, put their “spin” on the situation, and have driven her over the edge. The “boys from NavCom play very very dirty”……………………

Bill Snyder, the perpetrator (VP of NavCom and part owner of the company), is the one that sent her his semen soaked handkerchiefs. (The DNA testing has proven that it is his semen. Court ordered technicians took his blood sample). This is what sent her into therapy in the beginning. When an individual goes to a therapist, the therapist takes a personal history. During this process, Elizabeth shared that she had been an incest victim, as a child. NavCom subpoenaed her records and tried to use the tragedy of her childhood against her.

They subpoenaed her childhood abuser, they expected that since abusers usually never admit their crimes, they were counting on that the abuser would say that she was a liar, slut and a nut, then NavCom would bring this person into court to testify against her. This backfired on them, as the abuser admitted to his incestuous behavior. This was even a surprise to Elizabeth, as she has not had any contact with her abuser for many years. I’m not giving this person any kudos, as it is very difficult to forgive the unforgivable, but at least he told l the truth. Since he was not serving their purpose to try to destroy her, as soon as he admitted his behavior, they stopped the deposition and sent him home.

There is another twist to this situation, before her abuser was called to testify, Bill Snyder would approach her during breaks in her depositions (there is no law or rule that prohibits this) and threatened her. Snyder told her the attorneys were going to make her relive her prior sexual abuse, from her childhood abuser and her ex-husband and that they would be deposed and subpoenaed and possibly required to testify. He wanted her to lie and “tank her case, Donna Mojahedi’s case and my case”, which she refused to do. She is and was physically afraid of him, during these meetings she was so upset and afraid that she doesn’t remember the majority of the conversations other than his threatening demeanor, thinking that if she didn’t upset him, he would not hurt her. I did not know this was happening, as I had told her not to tell me anything or show me anything regarding her case, which would compromise my ability to honestly testify under oath.

I was not a happy camper with these developments as she should have never talked with him, as I believe that it was just another form of abuse and harassment by Bill Snyder. To understand how this could have happened, one would have to understand Elizabeth’s personality. She cannot withstand confrontation and the things that NavCom was pulling on her had scared her and pushed her over the brink. She did not want to relive the tragedy of her childhood and wanted to find anyway to make the madness stop. Even though his behavior of talking to witnesses is not illegal, it shows his personality, need to control and power mentality . Since her depositions, dragged on and on, he would see her in the halls and at first make menacing gestures, like moving his finger across his throat to simulate the cutting of her throat. When this didn’t work, he would catch her at the drinking fountain during breaks, and state “we are going to call your childhood abuser and make you relive your childhood…… Skip is going to do anything to ruin you.” “You better find a way to get out of this or you will be sorry, very sorry”.

I believe that she had a breakdown (and so does her therapist). Her memory of the conversations is so vague, that her therapist believes that she had what is called a dissociative event. From what I understand and from what I’ve researched on the Internet, this can happen commonly when a person is put into such a stressful situation, that they couldn’t remember many of the events. But she does have records from her paging service that shows Snyder left over 20 messages on her answering machine.

To make a long, long story short, he illegally taped some of these conversations and now they are trying to use whatever she said against her. The recordings are a very bad quality and of course during her depositions, they play only the part that they think benefits their case. Her attorney (David Greenberg) has filed another suit against NavCom and Bill Snyder for the illegal taping and is having the tapes analyzed by a tape expert. When the tapes are played in sequence and in their entirety, the information obtained should help her show that this was just another form of harassment. If NavCom or Bill Snyder have altered the tapes in any way, they will have a charge against them for tampering with evidence. So, as you can see, this is not a run of the mill case. I have not read the transcripts of the tapes, but Elizabeth has and she believes that in some of the parts of the meetings that she can remember, are not in the transcripts. According to Elizabeth, the tapes are very choppy and appear to be altered.

Then during their taking of my deposition, they played pieces of the tapes. What I heard didn’t make any sense to me, the tapes were a bad quality, the voice didn’t sound like Elizabeth, and they appeared to be chopped and spliced. I believe that if the tapes were played in their entirety and in sequence, they would project a completely different story, other than the one NavCom is trying to tell.

Status of my case

I have a suit filed for sexual harassment and wrongful termination. Mr. Snyder harassed all of us, but at least I was not the recipient of his bodily fluids.

Now, before I go into any explanation, I want to emphasize how this all happened and as you read the following information you will see that this was never about money!!!!. When I reported the harassment, all I wanted was for the company to do was fire Mr. Snyder and not retaliate against me, Donna or Elizabeth for reporting Mr. Snyder’s behavior, and nobody was going to sue anyone. If the company had done the right thing, it would not have cost them a dime………………….After I was fired, all I wanted was a fair severance package for my 22 years of service. After I was denied a fair severance package, I hired an attorney.

This story is in a chronological order. We are now up to summer/fall 1997. As of tomorrow, I will not have an attorney. My attorney, Mark Allen Kleiman of Santa Monica, wants out of the case for many reasons that I will try to explain. This is why I have decided that maybe the best way is just to expose NavCom for what they are and let the court of public opinion decide the issue……… I cannot afford to pursue my case unless I can get Legal Defense Organization or Civil Rights Organization to handle my litigation. NavCom is paying $300.00 an hour to each attorney (and there are many) to fight these cases. Mr. Kleiman wants to get rid of my case for what I believe are two reasons……. (1) I hired him with a down payment and the rest would be a contingency, payable to him upon any recovery. NavCom with their very expensive attorneys have put a burden upon him that will take an unbelievable amount of his time…….. to appear for depositions, appear in court, and answer their enormous requests for information and to answer all their motions in court. He started to distance himself from this case when the other side expected him to pay one-half of a Discovery Judge’s fee for the Judge to sit in on and make immediate calls and decision on the spot. The retired Judge’s fee is $350.00 an hour and his presence would be necessary for many days.

Mr. Kleiman cannot spend the majority of his work hours working on a case in which there is no guarantee of any recovery. The only thing that works in the world for justice is $$$$’s and since I cannot pay an hourly fee for his efforts, I have become a liability………….(2) During my deposition in Elizabeth’s case (I’m scheduled for more depositions this month) I was asked for my Driver’s License number, which I thought was odd…..but after thinking about it, I realized that they probably wanted to do a DMV check on me to see if I had anything that they could use against me, which didn’t concern me. Anyway back to the issue, this started me thinking…… if public records are available to them, they are available to me. I knew that Mr. Snyder was going through a divorce and thought about where he would have his divorce papers filed. I had always heard that he was abusive toward his wife, so I thought that maybe I could find some information from these public records. This type or kind of information should have been found by my attorney, but attorneys that are on a contingency basis don’t do a lot of legwork, as they try to keep their expenses at a minimum. I knew that Mr. Snyder lived in the Glendora/La Verne area, so I tried the Pomona Courthouse records first.

His records were filed in Pomona and I had the records copied. Well,…….. It contained statements made by his wife, that he was not only an abuser at work, he has beaten her, threaten to kill her, she required hospital care and he was arrested for spousal abuse……. plus many more incidents of his abuse toward his wife were stated in these papers. I was so incensed by this information and could not believe that at the same time the abuse was taking place at work, that he was doing to same thing at home…………….. and he was denying that he was an abuser!!!!!….. and he had convinced the company to protect him.

I believed that Elizabeth was having a breakdown, due to all things that NavCom was putting her through during her depositions, I believed that she was self-destructive, and I was mad as hell, that this man could get away with all this……………… destroy our lives for reporting him, etc. So after an especially grueling day for her, she came home distraught and in the most upset condition that I have ever witnessed.

She went to bed with a sedative and I went into my G.I. Jane mode. I had had enough. If Mr. Christ, the President of the company was not going to protect the women in the building, I decided to do it for him……….. I faxed copies to FAX machines at the company, six pages of Snyder’s divorce papers outlining the abuse. My attorney was not very happy with my behavior, which I agree is probably true, but I would do it again………. the many years of abuse towards women by Snyder must be stopped…… and Mr. Christ is protecting him after years of being told that Mr. Snyder is a danger. I have no excuse for my behavior in sending the faxes, but I believe that sometimes public exposure is the only way to right a wrong. I believe in programs like Megan’s Law, which makes the names of convicted child abusers open to the public. (3) Mark Allen Kleiman was still willing to be my attorney, but I would have to pay him an hourly fee, which would have been prohibitive due to all the motions and legal hopscotch being played by NavCom’s seven attorneys. (3) Mr. Kleiman was involved in the case of his career and didn’t have the time to put up with the NavCom paperwork, unless he was paid for every hour, and even then it would have been a crunch. Mark Allen Kleiman was named in 1998 as one of the finalists for Trail Lawyer of the Year by the group Trial Lawyers for Public Justice for the case that he was working on at the same time as mine. My case for retaliation and wrongful termination was a solid case, but I could not afford to continue for long. I ended up representing myself for a month or two but the financial cost and the toll to my health was not worth it, so I gave up on the courts. I believe that I would have been successful in my case for wrongful termination, but since financial resources is the only factor that determines who gets to bring the bell for justice, I was forced to give up my fight.

Corporate attorneys (NavCom’s) can use litigation as a bludgeon to bully the individual. Many times, the merits of the fight are of no concern, it is the depth of financial resources that is the most important factor in determining which party prevails. Law firms file suits and defend companies like NavCom more to generate legal fees for their firm than to redress any perceived wrongdoing.

Abusers usually have a past, as in the Marv Albert case, the woman who courageously came forward would never have been found, except for the media attention. During this stressful time, I had just read the book by Gavin de Becker, titled: The Gift of Fear. This book gives an insightful view into the world of abusers and advocates public exposure as sometimes the only effective tool to deal with these individuals. I realize that my actions may have hurt my individual case, as my actions make me look like more of an activist or zealot than a victim, BUT stopping this type of corporate abuse and cover-up is certainly more important, than my own personal situation.

I believe that there is more to the protection of Snyder than any of us know. Since during Snyder’s threats to Elizabeth, he kept saying that if “he went down, the company will go down” as he knew too much about their activities………… in another case, where Mr. Christ’s alleged mistress (Jennifer Stephens) was harassed (mildly harassed by being sent love notes by a company engineer….. nothing like Snyder’s harassment), Mr. Christ had the company hire armed guards to protect her 24 hours a day…………. so there is more here than we know of………… at this point………..

Before my departure from NavCom, Mr. Christ stated in July 1996 that Mr. Snyder was going to sue me for falsely accusing him, etc. At that time, I told them “go ahead and let him sue me and the truth will come out” but I also told Mr. Christ that I expected that the company would be responsible to pay my legal bills, as I was acting in the scope of my employment by reporting the harassment. I didn’t hear anymore about being sued until after I was terminated. After I was terminated, I would no longer be a NavCom employee and would have to pay all my own attorney fees. I believe that this was Skip Christ’s plan.

Well, NavCom and Mr. Snyder sued me on November 12, 1997 for “Solicitation of Commission of Crimes with Intent to cause Injury”……. whatever the hell that means. Then, the El Monte police show up at my door, but I was not home, they were looking for both of us. Elizabeth talked to them and referred them to her attorney. Her attorney has contacted them. Since my attorney is bowing out, I’m on my own. To date, I haven’t seen the charges…………… but since they have a burden of proof and there is none……………. I’m not overly concerned. I think desperate people are beginning to do desperate things …….. If they are claiming extortion (as abusers historically do, have you seen the Marv Albert interviews?, same charges), they will have the impossible task proving it, as I stated previously, I have never asked for any money (except trying to collect my rightful severance package, which I was denied)………. I do not believe that it is extortion to sue someone for his or her wrongful acts?

Out of the mouths of abusers seem to say the same comments and I quote:

” I thought she was my friend”
“She wanted it and asked me to do it”
“This is extortion”
“I’m being victimized”
“But she was the one…..who did the suggesting”
” I was set up”, etc. etc. etc.

I have a difficult time understanding a system that penalizes the victims. I lost a 22 year career. At my age securing comparable employment is difficult, if not impossible. Companies try not to discriminate because of age, but in reality, they do. Why would a company hire someone at my age, when they know that I don’t have 10-20 years to give to their company? Plus, I have nine-inch scars on both sides of my neck, due to my illness in 1995, so it is quite obvious, that I have had prior health issues. NavCom dealt another blow to my career opportunities by refusing to give a reference. Twenty-two years of faithful service gone down the drain.

I put in faith in a system that failed me. I acted as I was trained to act, as a management level employee, and it appears that I will unfairly pay the price for standing up for a principle that I believe that I was required to confront.

Due to my termination, I can to longer afford to live in my home. I will lose it to foreclosure. I’ve spent my savings. I lost my health benefits, disability and life insurance benefits and credits to my retirement account. Bankruptcy will be my only recourse.

I believe when men of power take the fraternity house mentality of their youth, into the Boardrooms of corporate America, individuals will be impacted and society will suffer in their attempt to mature into a just and fair world for all citizens.

Update – August 28, 1998

Elizabeth’s trial has been delayed again. The next status conference is in January 1999. this case probably will not get to court until 1999 or the year 2000. The reason appears to be that the Judge is waiting (both sides agreed to have a trial by Judge as the estimated time of a jury trial was estimated to be over 20 days) and that would mean that it would be moved to another courtroom in LA called Commonwealth. Elizabeth believed that agreeing to let the Judge hear the case would not cause any further delays, but it appears that that decision didn’t help keep the trial on track.

The Judge is waiting until another case is heard in the Appeals Court. After being illegally taped, she sued and a different Judge ruled …..that under the circumstances she should have known she was being taped (?). Her attorney appealed this decision, and now she has to wait until this is heard. California Penal Code states that recording without permission is a crime, unless it is to catch someone for extortion. This is where things get interesting. The defendants in the lawsuit never mentioned extortion until they were caught taping. It appears that their claims of extortion were voiced to cover up their own illegal acts.

On that note, As I previously stated, Elizabeth and I were reported to the El Monte Police for extortion. The police completed an eight to nine month investigation. They reviewed over thousands of documents, tapes, videos and interviewed current and former company employees. In May 1998, the District Attorney issued an internal report that denied the complaint against either Elizabeth or myself. They must have seen that the filing of the complaint was just another form of corporate abuse.

In fact, dealing with the police was not a horrible experience, as one might expect. I have criticized the court system, for allowing companies with unlimited financial resources, to cloud and clog the system, but not the police. I had never in my life been accused of any crime, or even seen the inside of a police station. The El Monte Police Department was courteous and fair. I could tell from the beginning that they were not taking any sides. They were doing an independent investigation. This attitude was refreshing (not like depositions, where the side taking the deposition, is totally biased), the El Monte Police Department was professional, unbiased and were only after the facts. I guess, the point is, if you are not guilty of a crime and you personally know it, there is nothing to fear. A police department and a District Attorney have to have facts that would back up charges against an individual, they certainly didn’t feel that the facts substantiated the charges by NavCom.

Status of NavCom’s case against me. This is case # BC 181093 filed in Downtown LA Superior Court. I firmly believe that this case was filed against me as a ploy to intimidate me. There is no case. This case is scheduled to follow Elizabeth’s case with the same Judge (Case transferred from Judge Kuhl to Judge Crispo). I believe that once Elizabeth’s case is heard, this case will go away. They are just trying to beat a dead horse. Since my termination, I have lost everything, even if they would win, their are no assets left to seize.

They had me for two days and Elizabeth for one day this month on the case against me. It was nothing but a fishing expedition. I believe that they were trying to find some more information on the case. The delay in the case just happened this week, so at the time of the depositions the case was still scheduled to start September 12th.

The Dalia case has again been delayed. This time it could be delayed for over a year. Judge Crispo will not hear the Dalia case until the Appeals Court rules upon the case filed by Elizabeth for what she believes was illegal taping. As I understand the situation, another Judge previously ruled against her that “she should have known she was being taped” and her attorney (David Greenberg) appealed this decision. The Judge believes that until the final decision comes down regarding the tapes, her case cannot be heard.

Status of the case against me

I haven’t heard anything in the last few weeks. I’m assuming since the cases are considered “related” and will be heard by the same Judge, this case is also delayed.

I, again will be without legal representation. Since I believe that the case against me is bogus and the case only filed to keep me quiet and to intimidate me, I was fortunate to get a pro-bono attorney to represent me to file an Anti-SLAPP motion. (A SLAPP suit is one filed for other motives and I believed in violation of my First Amendment Rights.) The Judge did not accept the motion. Shannon Kelly of the law firm of Hancock, Rothert & Bunshoft, Los Angeles represented me for this motion, but her representation ended with the fight for the Anti-SLAPP motion. I was very impressed with Ms. Kelley, but I cannot personally afford to retain her services for the future. I am equally impressed with her law firm. As much as I think company attorneys are generally billable hour whores, I also believe that law firms that donate many hours per year to represent clients on a pro-bono basis, should be applauded for their service and commitment to the quest for justice.

My story (by Margot Martin) Part 1

I was employed by NavCom Defense Electronics, formerly Hoffman Electronics and Gould, Inc. My work record was superior to exceptional at each juncture of my career path. I rose through the ranks from an entry-level accounting clerk to Director of Compliance and Internal Audit. I devoted all of my professional life and a great percentage of my personal life to the quest of the corporate brass ring. I am willing to telI the truth about who I am and what I believe. I have nothing to hide and will hide nothing. The most important purpose of my story is to set the record straight for myself and to enlighten women to the perils of going against the system. Since I left the company, former friends and coworkers have only heard NavCom’s side of the story. It is time to hear my side. Power, money and high-priced attorneys may insulate NavCom Defense Electronics and Clifford C. Christ from some of the realities of life, but in the end the truth will prevail…

My job was an important part of my life, the very essence of my identity. It was a safe place to hide from my confusion regarding my own sexual orientation, in my quest to understand the mystery of life as an individual contributor to a society sometimes viewed as being held together by rubber bands, magic glue and stapled by human follicles, which includes everything from total selfish motives to good intentions.

I felt that my life had finally come full circle. I had a good career. I made an excellent salary. I was living with someone that I deeply cared about. My children were grown and on their own. I had a few dollars in the bank and some good investments. I was looking forward to a quieter life pace with a secure future, less stress and a little time to smell more flowers, see more sunsets and chase treasured rainbows.

I had lived though the challenging years. I believed that the struggles of a failed marriage, single parenthood, and caregiving to aged parents were becoming dim memories. Some filled with joyous moments, crinkled photographs, pain of different intensities and immense relief that the future path to be followed was finally mine.

Then I stood up for a principle and ruined my life. Something that I believed in, was trained to understand and thought that I had the responsibility to try to enforce, as a member of management. When you manage people, you have more of an obligation to them than to just supervise their work, hand out assignments and approve their timecards. Most employees spend more waking hours at work interacting with fellow employees than we they do with their families. As a workplace manager, sometimes things happen to the people that you are responsible for. Things that are unjust, unfair and that can significantly alter their lives, both in and out of the office.

Journal of Events

1995 had been an unbelievable year. I was on a medical leave from the company from August 29, 1995 to January 02, 1996. The reason for this leave was that I underwent two surgeries, left and right Carotid Endarterectomies and suffered a mild stroke. NavCom Defense Electronics, Inc. employee Elizabeth was my life partner and we shared a life together. Elizabeth and I worked together. We had been together since 1987. She was assigned to my department by the company Chief Financial Officer. I did not hire her. The company does not have any policies prohibiting this type of arrangement but I probably did not use the best judgment in allowing her to be assigned to my department. But because my boss insisted, I did not say no. There would have been no way to explain my concerns unless I was willing to “out” myself, which at that time I was not prepared to do. Elizabeth began working in the Compliance Department in July 1989. When I was offered to have Elizabeth assigned to my department it bothered me a bit because of our personal relationship. But I always make a pro and con chart to help me make decisions and the pro’s certainly outweighed the cons. The only con on the chart was her relationship with me. Elizabeth is a very talented individual and I selfishly asked myself, where else would I find an employee who was willing to give up her weekends and vacations and a big part of her life to support my dedication to the company? She was willing to work any hours, do any assignments to support me and accomplish goals for the company. It is not an excuse, for having a relationship with a direct reporting employee, as this was not out of the ordinary. Many others were rumored to be doing the same, including the president of the company.

What happened?

Elizabeth was my caretaker. Since I was seriously ill, she did not want to upset me, so she did not share many events that had happened at work between she and Bill Snyder. Our boss had asked her to help Bill Snyder to become computer proficient at porno gratis. Elizabeth is very computer knowledgeable and was the Finance Department’s computer guru. She told me that Snyder liked American-On-Line (AOL) and that he was trying to access the chat groups to meet women. This was about the time that newspapers were full of articles regarding “sex on the Internet” and on such services as AOL. She told me about some of the pictures that he had received from others and had shown her. I was aware (during the summer of 1995) that Elizabeth had sent an innocent picture of two fully clothed ladies from the early 1900’s. It was a joke in response to his request that she send him some “Hot Pics”… I was also aware that he had called her and had sworn at her that this was not the kind of pictures he wanted. He wanted “hot” porno pictures. Because I was afraid of him, I told her to try to ignore him and hopefully he would “find a new hobby or become bored with computer porn” soon and leave her alone. I was also afraid because Bill would often tell lesbian jokes and he eventually told Elizabeth that he knew she was a lesbian. She believed that she was being blackmailed into helping him with his computer erotica habit. She was trying to protect me because I was not well, but we didn’t know in mid 1995 the reasons for my health issues. NavCom Defense Electronics, Inc. is a very homophobic company, my career could be jeopardized. We were afraid to upset him because Bill Snyder is a bully, powerful and vindictive. He enjoys wielding control over others. His position as Vice-President and part owner of the company could hurt our jobs. Since we were assigned to him for many special projects, his criticism of us would be career limiting. NavCom is a small company and although the Compliance Department directly reports to the CFO, any Vice President can request that we do work for them on special projects. The request is usually approved. I have seen Bill Snyder in “action” and he is ruthless. I was afraid of him and what he could do to my career. I had complained over the years to my immediate boss that his actions, jokes and behavior were offensive. I was told to just “ignore him” as the President of the company was aware of his behavior and never did anything to stop him.

Elizabeth did not tell me of the severity of his actions until the last week of December 1995, just before we were to go back to work on January 03, 1996. She had been off work due to the Christmas yearly plant shutdown for the holidays and I was returning from my medical leave. I asked her what was wrong with her because she seemed upset, depressed and she was not looking forward to returning to work. This was very unusual as she liked and cared very much about her job. She had been depressed and upset but I thought it was tied to my illness. I didn’t take notice of much during these last months due to the stroke (stroke is such a scary word, I have fully recovered) and the medication that I was taking. I slept and rested much of the time.

On either December 27th or December 28th, 1995, Elizabeth broke down and told me what had happened. She told me that Bill Snyder had been harassing and threatening her for months. When she would tell Snyder that he shouldn’t be doing and saying the things that he was doing and that he would get into trouble, Snyder told her that she was a “nothing” and that no one would believe her. He said that the company would never get rid of him because he knew too much. He stated that if he went “down” he would take the whole company “down” with him. He explained that “you don’t report sexual harassment you grade it” meaning a,b,c,d etc. Snyder told her that Skip has a relationship with Jennifer (Clifford C. (Skip) Christ, President and CEO and Jennifer Stephens, Director of Contracts) and Frank is having a relationship with Barbara (Frank Scalfaro, VP and CFO and Barbara Carlino, his Secretary). Do you think he cares that I have porno in my office… don’t be a fool. If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours and nobody will get hurt. If you say anything, I will tell everyone you’re a lesbian and ruin you and Margot’s career. You are expendable, you are a nothing, I am not!!!!!”

Elizabeth told me about the pictures that he had sent her and the pictures that he had demanded that she send him. She told me about the “package” that he had sent her, and the lesbian remarks and threats to ruin us. She felt humiliated that anyone would send her such an item. And after Snyder’s threatening remarks, she was afraid to report him to anyone. I asked to see the package. I took tongs to look at the handkerchiefs. It looked as if he had masturbated into them and there was a hair that looked like a pubic hair. In 1997, the DNA reports confirmed that the semen was Snyder’s. (Snyder had called her a few days after he sent them and asked “Did you get my package?….. Gee, I expected you to reciprocate in them and send them back to me. I never understood that comment and still don’t. Elizabeth also shared with me that Snyder had made comments to her about her lifestyle, mostly in reference to men or the lack of men. I was still on medical leave at that time. Elizabeth said to me that she became physically ill upon receiving the handkerchiefs and went through many episodes of vomiting and would get the shakes at work. Was unable to concentrate, and wouldn’t leave our office area unless she absolutely had to.

I told Elizabeth that I needed time to think of what to do. At the time I faced probably the toughest dilemma in my professional life. I liked my job, as Elizabeth liked hers. And until the Snyder situation arose, my job responsibilities, as the Director of Compliance and Internal Audit, included protecting the company. These duties included ethics training (I wrote the company Code of Ethics) and I was the focal point for interfacing with the Government representatives for audit purposes.

Life was good. My salary was more than eighty thousand dollars a year. Elizabeth’s was in the high thirties. We had a nice home, our children were grown and we were looking forward to the good years ahead.

This all crashed as soon as I stood up for a principle. I was right and I did the right thing. The result was a disaster.

Despite the fact that the company had been downsizing, we had been told by our supervisor that we were safe, even if it came down to very few employees because of our accounting backgrounds and computer skills. I also managed the Property Administration function and the Records Retention area. Historically these positions are always the last to be subject to layoffs.

NavCom should not be surprised that I know so much about their activities and history. The company records were a part of my responsibility.

I knew that coming forward about Bill Snyder could possibly be a career limiting move. Thus, I had two problems: (1) Snyder was dangerous and was putting the company in a bad position, both legally and morally (at this time I did not know about the harassment of Donna Mojahedi); and (2) my employee had been pushed over the edge. Snyder’s actions pushed her into a deep depression and had destroyed her feelings of self worth and ruined her self-esteem. She was visibly shaken and was scared that we would lose our jobs if we reported him.

I suggested that perhaps she go to a therapist to work her feelings through. I said I would try to figure out what to do about work. I know NavCom. If it is something that they don’t want to hear, it sometimes becomes “shoot the messenger time”. It was the mood and the pattern throughout the past few years. Many times employees had come to me as a part of my Compliance duties to report something that they thought needed correction or was an ethical problem on the part of management. I would treat the report as anonymous, which I could do because I was fearful that the employee would be retaliated against. There still is a part of me that believed that I would not be included in “shoot the messenger” mentality. My relationship with Skip Christ and Frank Scalfaro had been excellent over the years. I believed that if I came forward with a complaint this serious something would be done. I was naïve. I had always survived because I always played by their rules and never rocked the corporate boat. This time my conscience would not allow me to play their game.

We returned to work on January 03, 1996. When I asked where is Donna Mojahedi?, everyone gave me the look of a “deer caught in the headlights” and said she was on a personal leave. I approached Frank Scalfaro with the same question. When he gave me the personal leave answer and smiled. I asked him if it had anything to do with Snyder. He wouldn’t say, but his body language and demeanor said yes. Then he said that per Skip nobody was to talk about it, but Bill Snyder would not be allowed any more secretaries. Then Frank laughed.

I told him (Scalfaro) that Snyder was dangerous. This wasn’t his only offense, and that if needed, I had information that should put him out the door. Scalfaro didn’t ask for details and Elizabeth made me promise that I wouldn’t take any actions without her knowledge and consent, as she was scared of Snyder and believed his threats. At this time, Elizabeth had absolutely no thought of taking any legal action, she just wanted to heal and make the whole thing go away. But she did not improve, and she did not want to leave the department and take the chance of running into Snyder. When Snyder would call on the phone (the phone has a panel that shows what extension is calling), she would either not answer the phone. If he kept calling and she had to answer, she tried to answer his computer questions, over the phone and not go anywhere near his office.

During the second week back to work, I learned that Margaret Huebner, the VP of Human Resources was leaving the company, and the rumors had it that Frank Scalfaro, my boss would be acting in her place until a replacement was found. This would give me more time to figure out what to do. I decided to wait until Frank took over, this would give me more time to think. I still wanted to find a way to help Elizabeth without hurting the company. Margaret was leaving February 02, 1996 and I planned to talk to Frank again about Snyder the following Monday. I naively thought that I could convince him to quietly help Elizabeth (maybe the company could take care of her therapy costs) and get management to fire Bill Snyder. Margaret’s good-bye luncheon was held February 1, 1996. At the event, she made references to the company’s lack of morals in her good-bye speech. I had heard through the rumor mill that she was unhappy with management (mostly with Mr. Christ, because he makes all final decisions) for not disciplining Snyder over the Donna events. That day February 1, 1996 in the afternoon, I was in a meeting with Frank Scalfaro and he behaved as if Margaret had done the unspeakable by criticizing the company for moral issues. He said that Skip was not a happy camper over it. I told Frank Scalfaro, that the company had a huge problem with Snyder, that Donna was not the only victim, and that Snyder had said and done some unthinkable things to Elizabeth. I told him that Snyder had sent her something unbelievably gross and SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ABOUT HIM. We talked for a few minutes and I was shocked that he didn’t ask anything about how Elizabeth was, only if she was going to sue the company. I explained to him, that she has no desire to hurt the company in any way. But again, something must be done about Snyder. His behavior cannot be ignored any longer. He didn’t ask about what Snyder had sent her and I didn’t tell him. I told him that Snyder has been harassing women for years and from what I understand, reported many times, but the company had done nothing. For their own protection, they must DO something this time.

I also asked him if the company would be liable if Snyder hurt any women that he met on-line while on NavCom business. Snyder had told Elizabeth that he would meet women from America-On-Line on business trips and they would stay in hotels paid for by the company. (My mind set at the time was to help Elizabeth, while still finding a way to protect the company. I told Frank Scalfaro that if Donna Mojahedi ever took any action against the company and called Elizabeth or I as witnesses that we would not lie. I told Frank that he needed to talk to Skip about the situation as it was not going to go away and that the company must address the problem. Frank Scalfaro had a look on his face that told me that I had just hung myself…… Frank had a schedule to keep and the meeting ended. As I walked back to my office, I felt total disappointment at his reaction. His reaction was really no reaction….. he behaved like a man who wanted to grab his wallet (Frank is also an owner) and dive under the table. He didn’t give a damn about either Elizabeth or Donna Mojahedi, he just wanted to know if I thought “this was going to cost the company any money.” I knew then, what I didn’t want to believe, that senior management just wanted the problem to go away, and that Snyder had again escaped any punishment for his actions.

I believe that had it been anyone else but Bill Snyder, something possibly would have been done. Bill Snyder is a part owner, and a Vice President of the contracts that bring money into the company. He is a personal friends with both my boss and the President of the company. A few years ago, I reported a harassment issue, at the request of an employee, regarding another individual and the situation was resolved within 72 hours. People in very high positions seem to be granted a wall of protection that is not extended to the average Joe or Jane employee. Money was the only lubricant that oils the wheels of injustice in this situation. I believe that Skip Christ did a cost-benefit analysis. Bill Snyder brought in contracts and would be instrumental in the negotiations to settle a ten to twenty million-dollar claim against the Government on the IFF Program. Skip was not going to get rid of someone who made money for the company, no matter how bad his behavior had become. The bottom line is the only concern in NavCom’s world, and if I challenged someone who significantly added dollars to the bottom line, I was expendable. Hindsight would have been a great asset. I now realize that if I had been the employee who brought large contracts into the company (and thus made the company vast amounts of money), I would have been protected and Bill Snyder would have been out the door. An “Animal House” atmosphere would be tolerated if it were profitable.

Why creating Fracture Justice?

The purpose of this Web Site is twofold. (1) I am in the process of posting items on the Internet that will hopefully inform, enlighten and help women as they go through the process, after an incident of workplace sexual harassment and the inherent retaliation and (2) help other women decide if standing up for what they believe is right and protected under the law, is worth the price and pain that they will have to suffer in their quest to correct an injustice.

The posting will take my personal experiences and hopefully describe “what really happens” when you decide that “enough is enough” and that you have the responsibility to yourself and others to stand up and be counted. It is not a pretty picture.

This site is not a commercial venture. The purpose of telling my story, and the stories of others, is to give us a voice and is in the furtherance of our constitutional rights of free speech. The Internet is a place open to the public and/or is a public forum and enjoys full first amendment protection.

If NavCom sues me over this Web Site, they will have to prove that something I said is false. I do not believe that they will ever be able to do that. If they try to get my Web Site removed from the Internet, I will host the site with an offshore company, that is beyond their reach. I want nothing from NavCom. I only want to tell my story and hopefully help others tell their stories. Maybe together we can make a difference.

Another personal benefit of this Web Site is to clear my name. Since I left the company the only story told, was by management. It is now my turn.

There becomes a time or moment in your life that either YOU define YOUR life or life defines it for YOU. I believe my moment came in January/February 1996. I went with what I knew was right, not what was probably the most prudent decision. I could have ducted and weave through the generally accepted NavCom corporate structure of keeping your mouth shut, or stood up for what I believed was right. I took what I believed was the high road, but this road led me to financial ruin and open ended questions of an uncertain future.

Legal documents and forms that I have used or have been used against me (court filings and papers, letters, etc.) will be posted on this site to help you understand the process facing you.

If any of you have read the book or seen the movie, A Civil Action, you will have a better understanding of what I am trying to accomplish. I recommend both the book and the movie. A Civil Action is a non-fictional account of a civil trial that includes personal profiles of the individuals from both sides, and an insightful glance at our legal system. The story, as presented in the book, is not about sexual harassment, but about the legal process. Before anyone decides if they want to put themselves at the mercy of the court system, and most notably on the firing line against the highly paid, but in my opinion, ethically bankrupt corporate attorneys, who will be challenging you, you must first understand the path upon which you may or may not want to travel. Can you take the heat and the retaliation?

Probably a better book would be The Insider, published this year and made into an award winning movie. It is about Jeffery Wigand, who tried to “out” the tobacco industry for their lies and deceit regarding the potential dangers of their product. I believe what happen to him, as he tried to fight an opponent with vast financial resources, parallels the tactics used by NavCom Defense Electronics, Inc. against me and anyone else who has tried to right an injustice. The tobacco industry dug into his personal life, spread lies, ruined his chances for employment in his field of expertise and generally retaliated against him unfairly and with malicious intent.

After visiting this Web Site, you may be inspired to fight or you may decide that the fight is not worth what it does to your life. Only you can decide. My decision was to fight. That may not be the best course for you.

Your story is important. I plan to present the stories of others in order to help us all understand what happens to women in the workplace, when they report sexual harassment or any wrongdoing by a powerful management structure . Each story is at the same time different and similar, depending on the circumstances. The more information that we have, the more informed decisions that we can make. Informed women, make better decisions. If you decide to fight, it can alter your life in ways that you cannot imagine.

Fighting is NOT fun. It is not for the light of heart. But I believe that I have no choice. I can not spend the millions of dollars nor have the resources of a law firm of 250 attorneys at my disposal. My other choice would be to put my tail between my legs and crawl off into the sunset. That I will not do. Collectively, we can fight these justices with information. Information and public disclosure, will be the tool used in ensure a future cure of workplace equality.

You can reach me at my email address. The questions listed below are just a suggestion, a starting place. The questions are applicable to someone who has just been harassed and doesn’t know where to turn to someone in the middle of the process, or to someone who has already experienced the where, what, who, and how, of workplace sexual harassment and retaliation.. Each story is important. You can provide your personal information, or just remain anonymous, your identity will not be used without your permission. It is your story I need, I have no desire to make you feel uncomfortable, or make a public disclosure of your life. I am using my story as an example, this will include many public court documents, to help and give you a better understanding of the process.

Some women are fighting and putting their lives on the line. Just recently, Lt. General Claudia Kennedy really put herself on the firing line for all of us. As the highest ranking female Army officer, she just could have retired, and walked off into retirement and possibly a high paying job in private industry. But instead, she went public with a cause that she believes in. Her choice to do the right thing, probably cost her post retirement employment (corporate boys don’t like women who speak out), her privacy and the spotlight of public scrutiny.

In 1996, Lt. General Kennedy was harassed by a another General. She informally reported the harassment to her superior and then took the Army’s word that the accused General would be reprimanded. Then to her surprise and dismay, the General was recently promoted to the post of Deputy Inspector General. His new job would put him in charge of investigating Army wrongdoing, including sexual harassment. This General Kennedy could not stomach, so she made a formal complaint and the headlines. What a brave thing to do.

Collectively we can make a difference. Please help yourself and others by standing up and being counted. Let’s not leave heroines like General Kennedy fight for us, we should doing everything to help her and others.

Samples of information needed:

What happened?
By Who? Where?
Did you report it to the company?
What did they do?
Did you feel threatened, after coming forward?
Did they protect the abuser?
Did your job change after you reported the harassment?
Was the abuser disciplined?
Did they believe you? Or try to blame you?
Did the company have policies in place against harassment? Did they follow those policies?
Did the company stand by you or the abuser?
How did the report change your life?
Did your family emotionally support you?
Did your co-workers support you?
Did you ever take the action further? To the EEOC?, An Attorney?, The Courts?, Mediation?, Arbitration? If so, what was the outcome?
Knowing now what you would face, would you do the right thing again?
Did the action or inaction of the company have any impact on your mental or physical well being?
Did the abuser threaten you?
Do you still have your job? Has your job status changed?
Generally, how do you feel today? Do you feel the process re-victimized the victim? Or was your report handled professionally and resolved to your satisfaction?
What did you learn from this experience?
If you would like to read other stories, visit the National Organization for Women (NOW) Web Site. NOW has a posting board for the stories of other women. I believe to date, there are over 300 postings. My plan, with your help, is to have thousands of stories, so I can report trends of corporate behavior, improve my and your understanding of the pitfalls and the processes we face as individuals, when you talk about and report workplace abuses. Men are welcome to respond, as sexual harassment against men, is becoming a more common occurrence.

My aim for the book, is to give and receive fair insight. There are companies out there, that act in a responsible and responsive manner, when faced with workplace sexual abuse and there are companies that do not. I need both sides of the story. This is my story. During the telling of my story, I will make references to a Elizabeth. These references will be made only as they apply to my story, and my participation as a witness in her case, and mentioned only so you can understand the how’s, where’s and why of my journey. Elizabeth’s case is still in the courts. It can only be her decision to share her story, upon the completion of her case, if she chooses.