Introducing Rose Harvey

We’re excited to introduce you to Rose Harvey. We could gush for a few paragraphs but instead we’ll let her tell you why she’s a proud member of Team Tomorrow… 

“Hello. I’m Rose. I’m a lawyer at Pinsent Masons but, don’t worry, before you fall asleep instantly (!) this isn’t about my day job. It’s about what I spend nearly every minute that I’m not in the office doing – running.

Last October, I ran the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon for Tomorrow’s People. My goal wasn’t to win it – in fact, winning it never even entered my mind as a possibility. My aim was simply to fundraise for Tomorrow’s People doing what I love. Although, I have to admit, I also really wanted to try and beat my personal best. I’d been stuck on the same time for six months and it seemed like no matter how hard I trained, whatever tactics I tried, I just couldn’t break that 1 hour 23 minute barrier.

Race day arrived and I was feeling the pressure. I didn’t think I could do it. But then I met up with the Tomorrow’s People team at the start line and everyone was so positive and ready to go! Not necessarily because they thought they would be breaking records that day, but because they were running for something they really believed in. It was so inspiring to be part of an awesome team, helping so many young people achieve much tougher goals than knocking off a few seconds from their time.

Rose Harvey

At that moment my mind set changed and I realised I had a much bigger and better goal for that day – being part of Team Tomorrow. I stopped worrying about my time, the competition, whether my slight hip injury would play up and I just set off, running every mile for my team. Anyway, to cut a 13.1 mile long story short, I finished as first lady, loved every second (ignoring the pain of the last few miles) and finally knocked a whole minute off my PB!

And that was how I became a proud member of Team Tomorrow. I’ll be writing a series of blog posts to share my passion for running and what being active can achieve, whether it’s the physical benefits, increased motivation, stress relief, or simply providing a great way to meet like-minded people. I’ll be sharing the highs, lows, some tips and hopefully some inspiration, too. If you’re just starting out or you have already run ten marathons, I hope there will be something for everyone.

Enjoy reading and remember, however you decide to challenge yourself this year, make sure it’s as part of Team Tomorrow.”

Pinsent Masons has been a long-term supporter of Tomorrow’s People and the passion and commitment of all the staff team continues to amaze us every year. 

This year’s Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon team is set to be even bigger and better. Will you join us? 


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