Confessions of a grouchy runner

Earlier this year, Martin, Tomorrow’s People’s Chief Executive, promised to write a blog post about his London marathon training. We chatted about how he was getting on yesterday and I* decided to write something instead – mainly because I thought it would be funny!

I appreciate publicly teasing your Chief Executive is probably not appropriate, particularly as I’m new to the team and as running a marathon is an incredible achievement. Let’s see what makes the final cut…

I started by asking Martin about his training and learnt he’s following the Heart Rate Zone method. After a sneaky Google, as I had no idea what this entailed, expert advice includes “know your numbers” and all became clear why Martin (an economist) is following this regime.

It’s probably worth noting at this point that I’m obnoxiously enthusiastic most of the time. I came to Martin hoping to write a motivational piece about how running for Tomorrow’s People changed his life (seriously). Instead I discovered that Martin is actually a bit shy about running, more than a bit grouchy but, most of all, extremely determined. Here are just a few snippets:

  • What keeps you going? The embarrassment of not finishing.
  • What are you looking forward to? Being able to take a break from running after it’s all over.
  • Do you have any motivation for would-be runners? Not really, it’s horrible, especially training in the winter. Although if I can do it, anyone can.

I also discovered that Martin has unusually wide feet and doesn’t listen to music on his run since he changed phones and hasn’t figured out how to upload it onto the new one! (If this isn’t cut, it’ll be a miracle.)

All jokes aside, I put it to Martin that it was joining Tomorrow’s People which inspired him to finally run a marathon. He said it was mainly turning 50 which forced him to do it. I’m not sure I believe him. Beneath the grouchiness about the grey, cold, 5am runs, there’s a leader who passionately believes in giving young people the chance for a brighter future.

The young people we’re committed to helping are trapped by circumstances not of their own making. With every step Martin takes and every penny he raises, he’s helping to set them free.


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P.S. Martin is apparently too shy to wear a vest with his name on but if you’re going to be at the London Marathon, I urge you to randomly shout his name into the crowd regardless! I’ve promised him hysterical excitement and blue sparkly pom poms, of course.


* I am Teri Doubtfire, Digital Marketing Manager at Tomorrow’s People. I’m still a bit in shock I was allowed to publish this.