Right now, an estimated quarter of a million young people are not in employment, education, or training, and are receiving little or no help to change this.

Some have grown up without the care and guidance every child needs. Some have endured poverty, chaotic home lives, and inadequate education. Others have loving parents who don’t know how best to help their children.

Many of these young people are vulnerable and make matters worse with bad decisions about who to hang out with and how to spend their time. They may have no-one to look up to and learn from. Drugs and crime are often a normal feature of their environment.

It’s no wonder then that they often lack basic social skills, don’t know how to talk to adults in authority, experience anxiety and can be crushed by low self-esteem. They see no future for themselves, and give up trying to find work or even register for benefits.

Our society, our government and our education system lets these children down. Too often, society then turns its back on them.

No-one is effectively helping these young people to find work. And without help, they never will. They will remain unemployed. It’s a disaster for them, and for all of us.

We refuse to accept this tragic waste of young lives. They are not someone else’s problem. They’re not a problem at all. They’re our young people, our future, and our responsibility.

Tomorrow’s People gives these young unemployed people the confidence and the skills to find work, succeed in their new role, realise their potential, and value themselves.

Our national network of Youth Hubs helps young people break free from these social and psychological constraints. We help them get on their feet, and find and keep jobs, which transforms their futures. If they are not ready for a job, we make sure they get on the path to work, either through education, or via a real training programme. By 2022, we will have helped 35,000 young people – provided we can secure the funding we need.

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